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Owner Brenda Mader practiced law for 30 years but she found her solace in gelato. She had always loved to cook (and was damn good at it) so it wasn't a reach to start her own shop in Downtown Pensacola in 2015.  

Eventually she and shop manager Gary outgrew the space and moved to the old City Grocery location on 12th Avenue in East Hill. Now, paired with Revolver Records, Dolce and Gelato has turned from a downtown gelato spot to an East Hill hangout with a bar, live music, vinyl and (naturally) all of the unique gelato you can handle.  

The first thing you notice when you walk into Dolce and Gelato is the decor. Brenda has always had a keen eye for the cool stuff and her shop definitely shows it. The bar was handmade and all of the hangings, pillows, chairs and surroundings are chosen by Brenda herself. (Be sure to check out the custom bejeweled gator and steer heads behind the bar) 

If you're down with great gelato, coffee, beer, wine, vinyl and live music this is your place.  

But you've got to see it to believe it.